Fate Grand Order, Girls Panzer

Ruler/Jeanne d’Arc!

Fate/Grand Order, Hatsune Miku GT Project, and Super Sonico!

From Kadokawa. From popular smartphone RPG Fate/Grand Order comes Ruler/Jeanne d’Arc in the form of “Second Coming” sculpted in 1/6-scale! Jeanne has been three-dimensionalized without breaking her well-balanced proportions, and the hem of the armor and the flags worn on it are reproduced with precise modeling and delicate painting! This outstanding masterpiece stands at a total height of about 14″ tall with flagpole.

From MAX Factory. The 2016 Racing Miku is here to support TeamUKYO as a scale figure! The illustration by popular animator Mai Yoneyama featuring Racing Miku in a TeamUKYO cycling jersey has been faithfully converted into a 1/7-scale figure. She has a huge smile her face as she carries a spare bicycle tire and a bag filled with supplies for those who need some replenishment! The adorable Racing Miku is ready to support the team with a smile! This adorable Miku stands about 9″ tall and comes with a base for display.

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Attack On Titan , Boruto

Naruto Uzumaki!

Baruto: Naruto Next Generations, Attack on Titan, and Love Live!

From Banpresto. Boruto: Naruto Next Generation will undoubtedly become one of the biggest break out hits in modern day anime series. As a continuation of the hit anime series Naruto Shippuden, this new series focuses on Boruto Uzumaki, the prodigal son of village leader, Naruto Uzumaki! In celebration of the new series, Naruto Uzuamaki, the 7th Hokage of the Leaf Village, is featured as one of the newest figure from our latest figure collection! Standing at 6.3 inches tall, this collectible figure will be one of the biggest highlights this year for figure fans of the amazingly impressionable modern day ninja series.

From Good Smile Company. From the anime series Attack on Titan comes a Nendoroid of the commander of the Survey Corps, Erwin Smith! He comes with three face plates including a standard face, a shouting face as well as a smiling face. Just like the previous Nendoroids in the series he comes complete with his Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, dual blades and effect parts to display him soaring through the air, which allow for amazing combat scenes. Erwin also comes with his Survey Corps cape similar to Nendoroid Levi, as well as an alternate front hair part to display him with his hair loose.

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Ice Kirby!

Gravity Rush, Idolmaster, Berserk!

From Good Smile. From the popular Kirby game series which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary comes a Nendoroid of Ice Kirby! The Nendoroid makes use of a number of magnets to make his movements smooth, natural and easy to pose! He comes with four different face plates including his standard smiling face, a more serious face, an expression with his mouth wide open to display him using his inhale ability as well as an expanded expression to show him filled up after inhaling! His ice crown can be removed to display the standard blue Kirby seen in various fighting games, and he comes with a collection of optional parts that allow you to display him with his “Parasol” and “Fighter” Copy Abilities as well as using his Star Bullet ability!

From Union Creative. Gravity Rush is the hit game for the PS Vita in which the heroine, Kat is given the power to control gravity by a strange black cat. Seen here making the most of her powers, Kat floats effortlessly in the air dressed in her classic black and gold outfit and playing with a red apple. She’s also accompanied by a starry figure of her mentor – Dusty, the all powerful black cat. Supervised by the game’s director Keiichiro Toyama, character designer Shunsuke Saito, and associate producer Kyousuke Wakasaka, this excellently sculpted statue faithfully recreates all the fantastic details from the game that fans have come to know and love! Also available is a special edition depicting Kat in a white and gold outfit.

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Figma Tracer

Overwatch Tracer Figma!

Frozen, Granblue Fantasy, Love Live!

From Good Smile Company. Look out, world! figma Tracer’s here. From the globally popular multiplayer first-person shooter Overwatch comes a figma of Tracer! The smooth yet posable figma joints allow you to act out a variety of different scenes. A flexible plastic is used in specific areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability. Tracer comes with three face plates, including a smiling face, an excited expression, and a serious, confident expression. Optional parts include her trusty Pulse Pistols as well as a Pulse Bomb to display her using her ultimate ability.

From the popular smartphone game Granblue Fantasy comes a scale figure of the Lord Commander of Albion, Vira, in her swimsuit summer version! The cute frills, translucent ribbons and various other accessories that make up her elaborate swimsuit have been completely reproduced on the figure. Her sexy charm has been captured perfectly from the original illustration for fans to enjoy by their side. The included base is made to look like the beach to bring out the summer atmosphere even further.

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Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Dark Souls, Sailor Moon!

From Banpresto. Due to the overwhelming demand, the BANDAI Import Collection is releasing the Premium Color edition of the popular Super Kamehame-Ha Goku figure from the popular Dragon Ball Z franchise! Preassembled and set in a World Edition window box, this version has added depth in coloring with fine line details in every clothing fold and muscle ripple. Unlike other figure sculpts, this special release features highly detailed motion effect marks that really brings this figure to life! Comes with secure foot base for added balance.

From the critically acclaimed Dark Souls video game series comes the next highly anticipated collectible figure from Banpresto’s DXF figure line. Equipped with his greatsword upon his shoulder, Artorias is ready for battle to stand firm and fierce against any who dares to challenge him. Standing at approximately 7″ tall, this once honorable knight now battles for the darkness of the Abyss as his soul became overwhelmingly corrupted by darkness. Developed in response to the overwhelming global demand, this limited figure release is geared for global distribution making this collectible a highly prized treasure.

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Good Smile

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, Guilty Gear Xrd, Sword Art Online!

From Good Smile. From the idol production game The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls comes a 1/8th scale figure of Frederica Miyamoto in her “Little Devil Maid” outfit. The cute maid outfit covered with ribbons and frills has been sculpted in lovely detail, and the mischievous expression on her face matches the ‘Little Devil’ name perfectly. All the details from the original illustration have been faithfully captured creating a figure that Frederica fans will be proud to enjoy by their side!

From Max Factory. From Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale comes a figma of Kirito with an additional weapon from the movie! A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising poseability. He comes with three expressions including his standard expression, a shouting expression for combat and a lazy expression. His favorite sword, “Elucidator,” as well as the sword made by Lisbeth, “Dark Repulser,” are included, each with effect parts.

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Petit Chara Happy Wedding Sailor Moon!

One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Super Dimensional Century Orguss!

From Megahouse. Ghost Princess Perona is now part of the Past Blue series of Variable Action Heroes figures! She’s wearing pre-timeskip pink gothic lolita outfit and comes with four interchangeable face parts, Horo Horo ghost, and umbrella! The first run of this figure comes with an additional “shocked” face, a Negative Horo ghost that can attach to other VAH figures, and a sound effect placard!

Also From Megahouse. MegaHouse does the Orguss proud! This spot-on likeness of the titular ‘bot from 1980s anime classic Super Dimensional Century Orguss has a satisfying heft, thanks to some die-cast parts. High-tech engineering allows perfect transformation between its four modes: Orgroid, Gerwalk, Fighter, and Tank! An absolute gotta-get for Orguss fans!

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