Gundam Build Fighters

BB404 LegendBB Musha Gundam MK-III! 

SD BB Sangokuden, Gundam Build Fighters, One Piece!

From Bandai Hobby. “Musha Gundam MK-III” the ancestor of the MK-III Daishogun will be available in LegendBB form! The “Siroganenotate” and the “Ginroken” – two hidden treasures of the Gundam Army – are included.

From Bandai Hobby. Thousand Sunny joins a new series of 6″ model ships from “One Piece”. Its compact size makes it easy to display and requires no tools to assemble. Through the use of pre-colored plastic and stickers there’s no need for paint. You can re-create the ship with sails unfurled or without sails. Includes a ocean surface effect part. Compatible with the action base 2.

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Detective Conan, Shining Beach, Konosuba

Heiji Hattori!

Detective Conan, Shining Beach Heroines, Konosuba God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!

From Good Smile. From the popular anime series Detective Conan comes a Nendoroid of the high school detective from Osaka, Heiji Hattori! He comes with three face plates including a confident standard expression, a serious expression as well as an embarrassed expression. The Nendoroid comes complete with a bamboo sword and handcuffs as accessories! Be sure to enjoy various different poses with Heiji in adorable Nendoroid size!

From FREEing. From the anime series Prince of Stride: Alternative comes a 1/8th scale figure of Riku Yagami to commemorate the year that the series was set in! His energetic appearance has been sulpted in an original pose that captures his cheerful personality for fans to enjoy by their side. The intricate touches to the paintwork and the carefully sculpted design of the school jersey make for a figure filled with highlights that also captures Riku’s impressive height. Be sure to display him with his teammate Takeru Fujiwara who will be available for order soon!

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Thor, Spiderman, Transformers

Iron Man Mark XLVII!

Thor Ragnarok, Spider-man Homecoming, Transformers: The Last Knight!

From Iron Studios. The Iron Man Mark XLVII is made in polystone and is based on original 3D references from the movie. It is hand painted with automotive paint and includes a base. Combine with Spider-Man and Vulture BDS statues to create the ultimate dynamic battle scene!

From ThreeA. Hasbro and ThreeA presents the next wave of Premium Scale Collectibles with Transformers: The Last KnightOptimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Autobot Sqweeks all have been meticulously adapted and engineered as highly articulated collectible figures using the film models as a basis. Each collectible figure features LED illuminated details, a variety of accessories, and incredibly detailed weathered paintwork. Optimus Prime stands about 19″ tall and features 99 point of articulation. He comes complete with  interchangeable battle mask, blaster shield, cybertronian sword, and a detachable wrist blade.

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Naruto, One Piece



Naruto, One Piece, No Game No Life!

From Megahouse. The latest addition to the G.E.M. Naruto Shippuden series is the fifth Kazekage of the Hidden Sand, Gaara! The long-awaited addition of a character not from the Hidden Leaf is joining the series! Gaara has been sculpted with his cool and composed appearance faithfully preserved while also capturing his love and devotion for Naruto and his fellow villagers. The large gourd he carries on his back has been sculpted with its texture in tact, together with a sand effect flowing out from the top as he makes use of his powerful techniques – all coming together for an epic piece to have on display! A figure of the loving Gaara who walked alongside Naruto on his journey! Be sure to add him to your collection!

From PHAT! From the anime movie No Game No Life -Zero- comes a 1/7th scale figure of the ex-machina heroine, Shuvi! The figure is based on the key visual from the original novel that the movie was based on, and captures Shuvi as faithfully as possible with careful use of colors, intricate sculpting and other creative touches. The large gun she holds in her right hand and the artificial nerve cords around her hips have a detailed mechanical appearance which contrasts beautifully with the cute, soft-looking appearance of her body. Similar to the previously released 1/7th scale figures of Shiro and Jibril, she also comes with chibi figures to display beside her – this time of Riku and Corone, allowing you to enjoy displaying Shuvi together with her family!

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DC Comics Vinimates



DC Comics, The Flash TV, Kingdom Hearts!

A Diamond Select Toys release! The heroes and villains of the DC Universe are back in the second series of comic-based DC Vinimates! Three new 4″ vinyl figures – Superman, The Joker, and Wonder Woman – are sculpted in the block-figure style, each striking an iconic pose straight from the comics. Each Vinimate comes packaged in a full-color box.

Kingdom Hearts is back! With the 15th anniversary in progress, and a third game on the horizon, the video-game world of Kingdom Hearts is as magical as ever! These four block-based figures take the main characters of the franchise — Sora, Donald, Mickey and Goofy — and transport them into the world of Vinimates, where each 4-inch vinyl figure has an articulated head for additional posing options!

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Evangelion Evolution

EV-007 EVA Unit 13!

Evangelion Evolution, Idolmaster, Fate/Grand Order!

From Union Creative. This fantastic figure represents a true revolution! With this EVA-01, Revoltech’s staff was able to design this toy the way they really wanted to after seeing the EVA in action in the recently released theatrical films, rather than limiting themselves to the design as seen in the anime itself. The result is this beautiful beast, about 5.5″ tall and graced with 22 points of articulation for posability like you’ve never dreamed of before! EVA-01 comes with a pallet gun and progressive knife plus an umbilical cable, an extra head, and 12 extra hands. Also included is a gory bloody “spurt” part for the EVA’s head. This figure also comes with an amazing display base in the form of the defeated 4th Angel, complete with a detached arm for EVA-01 to fling around in triumph! Perhaps best of all, there’s an LED light in the red orb in the Angel’s chest–and the green areas on the EVA are painted in phosphorescent paint for awesome glow-in-the-dark ability! You will not want to miss out on this one!

From Plum. Chie Sasaki from The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls gets a 1/7th scale figure release! This young idol isn’t very confident in her abilities, but really shines when she gets on stage! She comes to us wearing her colorful marching band outfit featured in one of her S Rare+ cards from the game, with a big smile on her face as she marches to the beat.  Be sure to add her to your collection!

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Diamond DC

Superman vs Flash!

Batman, Superman, Spiderman!

The Man of Steel and the Scarlet Speedster square off in this premium polyresin statue sculpted by Alterton and Alejandro Pereira, inspired by the classic Superman #199! Limited Edition of 5,000; Measures Approximately 10.4″ Tall.

Capture The Joker in all his villainous complexity! Choose from eight different head expressions that range from deliriously happy to seriously deranged as well as five pairs of hands, trademark weaponry, a duck floaty toy and a trench coat that makes a completely different Joker. A deluxe base is included. Also includes a Joker action figure measuring approximately 6.20″ tall!

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Idolmaster, Star Wars, Eromanga Sensei


Mono Morikubo!

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, Star Wars, Eromanga Sensei!

From Kotobukiya. Kotobukiya’s ARTFX+ lineup of beloved characters from the STAR WARS saga continues with Poe Dameron & BB-8 in a two pack set! BB-8 is an entirely new sculpt from the previos R2-D2, C-3PO & BB-8 set, with new parts and features such as the “thumbs up” flame armature and magnet attached head. Display Poe Dameron with his helmet on or removed and tucked under one arm with the additional parts. Display alone or alongside other Star Wars The Force Awakens statue kits from Kotobukiya!

Kotobukiya returns to The Force Awakens for a specialized Stormtrooper: FN-2199! Kit includes bonus Finn and Finn’s Stormtrooper helmet head parts, allowing for display as FN-2199, FN-2187 with helmet on or off! Includes extra weapon parts allowing for display with riot baton collapsed or extended, shield, or left arm free. Magnets in the feet provide extra stability on the included base! Use along with Finn from the Rey & Finn ARTFX+ two pack to recreate the battle between Finn and FN-2199 with Kotobukiya’s FN-2199 ARTFX+ snap-together statue kit!

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ReZero, Deadpool, Streetfighter


Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World, Street Fighter, Supergirl!

From Kotobukiya. Kotobukiya Presents a 1/8 scale Ani*Statue of Emilia, the main heroine from Re: Life in a Different World from Zero. Emilia smiles gently as she sits on a large crystal base in her iconic white and violet lined dress.

Due to the popular demand, Supergirl returns to Kotobukiya’s famous Bishoujo series!

Supergirl Returns shows a completely different sculpt from the Bishoujo statue released 7 years ago. She is sculpted in detail from her natural blonde hair, serious yet cute expression,  to the creases in her cape and skirt. Perfect to display alone or alongside other Bishoujo statues by Kotobukiya. Collect them all!

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Justice League, Star Wars


Justice League, Star Wars, Mobile Suit Gundam!

From Medicom. Batman from Justice League gets a MAFEX figure from Medicom! Standing about 6″ tall, he’s fully articulated for maximum action, and he comes with a fabricized cape, two guns, three batarangs, interchangeable hands and two facial expressions. A figure stand is also included.  Don’t miss out–add him to your hall of heroes today!

The upgraded version of Poe Dameron’s X-Wing with boosted accelerator pod as seen in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Resistance engineers have retrofitted a new device for Poe to give an extra edge in combat, allowing Poe much needed speed to outmaneuver the First Order. Utilizing Bandai’s trademark color injection molding techniques, the 1/72 X-Wing features opening and closing S-foils, laser effect parts that can attach to the wings, a cockpit with 2 different canopy options, and  2 display stands.

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