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Batman JL, Chun Li SFV





Batman S.H.Figuarts!

Justice League, Street Fighter V, Saint Seiya!

The ever-popular Batman from Justice League joins the S.H.Figuarts series of ultra high quality figures! Utilizes digital coloring and incorporates a bendable cloth cape! The highly posable and expressive 150mm tall figure includes 5 pairs of optional hands (L/R), a batarang, grapnel gun and a grapnel gun’s part.

Libra Dohko, the Old Master and Guardian of the Temple of Scales , as he appeared 243 years ago. Display alongside the separately-sold Dragon Shiryu and Cygnus Hyoga figures to re-create dramatic scenes from the film! Includes a fixed-pose Old Master figure, Libra Shiryu option head, gold swords, and many other option parts.

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Spiderman Diorama

Spider Man Battle Diorama!

Spider Man, Batman Arkham Knight, G Gundam!

Based on the concept art of Raphael Albuquerque from Chiaroscuro Studios. This limited edition Battle Diorama Series is made in polystone and is hand painted. Includes base display. Combine statues in this series to create an amazing battle diorama scenario!

Rising Gundam is the resurrected version of the Shining Gundam from the G Gundam anime series. The Rising Gundam model features poly-caps for smooth joint action, and the kit includes Rising Gundam’s scythe, gun, and other accessories. The model features snap-assembly and is molded in color. Most everything on the kit moves and it can be posed in a variety of positions.

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Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger


Gipsy Danger!

Pacific Rim, Sailor Moon, Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World!

From Tamashii Nations. Finally! Pacific Rim, the mecha masterpiece from 2013, joins the Soul of Chogokin series! The first is the lead Jaeger, Gipsy Danger! Made of diecast metal, this is the long-awaited ultimate portrayal of the titanic robot fighter. Gipsy Danger features both illumination and sound effects for weapons and start-up sequence. Included with the figure are two sets of hands, a ship, 2 chain-swords, 2 chain-whips, 2 plasma-casters, a stand, and instructions. Gipsy Danger stands about 9″ tall.

From Tamashii Nations. Sailor Jupiter is the next inner senshi to receive the super sailor scout treatment from the S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon line! New features include the dainty star-shaped choker, longer flowing ribbon at the waist and more! She stands around 5 1/2″ and comes with her crystal change rod as well as effect parts which are cast from clear materials for faithful representation. Set also includes 3 interchangeable facial expression parts, 5 Pairs of interchangeable hands, and a special display stand.

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One Piece Figuarts Zero

One Piece 20th Anniversary FiguartsZERO! Monkey D. Luffy, Sanji, Nico Robin!

Bandai celebrates the 20th anniversary of One Piece with a special Figuarts ZERO collection! Each figure is based on an original manga illustration created for this joyous occasion, and captures each character’s unique personality and charm. Luffy comes with his luxurious sofa, and measures about 15cm tall. Order him and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates today!

Robin measures about 3″ tall.  She comes with an extra arm part so she can be posed stroking Chopper’s head, and her coat is removable, too.

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Chogokin Megaman, Iron Man SH, Robot Spirits

Chogokin Megaman X, Iron Man Mark V and Hall Of Armor, and Robot Spirits!!

Twenty years after the debut of the Mega Armor Megaman action figure, the legendary video game hero returns in a totally updated form. The armor, designed by Kanetake Ebikawa, can be reassembled in a vehicle mode. The 6″ diecast and PVC set includes the X figure, Rush, armor parts, and stand.

The S.H.Figuarts Hall of Armor project continues. The iconic Mark V suit from Iron Man is back with a completely refined sculpt. Recreate Tony Stark’s lab with the S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark V and Hall of Armor Set! The spectacular Hall of Armor also includes LED light-up features.

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Saint Seiya, DBZ

Virgo Shaka Revival Version!

Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Seed, and more!!

From the Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold series comes Virgo Shaka (God Cloth). Shaka’s ornate, God-cloth style armor design is faithfully recreated from the anime. The Soul of Gold EX Shaka figure includes God Cloth parts, interchangeable face parts, front and back hair parts for the mask, interchangeable hands, object frame, and un-articulated shoulder part.

The magnificent Shenron from Dragon Ball finally gets an S.H.Figuarts release, and it’s incredible!  Shenron is about 11″ in height when mounted to his custom base, and his mouth can be opened and closed.  This Shenron is fully articulated and comes with an assortment of base parts to pose him an various different ways! Don’t miss the chance to add this stunning Shenron to your Dragon Ball collection today!

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Bandai DBZ Naruto

New Dragon Ball, Naruto, & Godzilla S.H Figuarts! Preorder today!

Imported from Japan! Previously available exclusively at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, Bluefin’s S.H.Figuarts Super Saiyan Son Goku brings the beloved Dragon Ball Z character to life. This special depiction of Son Goku in his Super Saiyan state features bold new coloring with shadow effects for additional muscle definition.

Another legend joins S.H.MonsterArts: Godzilla as envisioned by illustrator Noriyoshi Ohrai for the 1993 Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla poster! Featuring colors overseen by Yuji Sakai, this is a one of a kind piece for true Godzilla fans.

Plus, a faithful 1:1 scale replica of the “Moon Stick” from Sailor Moon.

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